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Forrest Good, Esq. is an active member of these Texas legal organizations:

        • San Antonio Bar Association
        • The San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
        • Texas Young Lawyers Association

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When you need legal assistance with your business, look no further than Forrest Good PLLC. Forrest is an expert in business incorporation contracts and can help you get your video game or digital art project off the ground. Let Forrest Good PLLC take the hassle out of legal documentation so you can focus on what you do best: creating!


Forrest Good San Antonio Texas USA Law Office of Forrest Good Attorney at Law Texas Media Law Firm Lawyer 30

Forrest Good, Esq. graduated in 2019 from St. Mary’s School of Law. Forrest was an Octa-Finalist in the Linda and Dave Schlueter 2017 First Year Moot Court Competition and a staff writer for The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues, receiving the Volume 20 Staff Writer Excellence Award. He graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, a focus in Digital Communication, and a minor in Business Administration after a stint in the Design and Technology Academy at Roosevelt High School in San Antonio, Texas.


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Forrest Good, Esq. is a highly skilled and experienced lawyer who has worked in both a Civil Litigation law firm and a Criminal Defense law firm. He has clerked at various firms throughout San Antonio, Texas, including Bryant Law PC and Fahle Han PLLC working in civil litigation, contracts, personal injury, tort, technology, and criminal defense, including capital cases. This unique skillset allows him to create his own dynamic and creative law office that directly impacts the rights and freedoms of all people. Forrest believes it's necessary within the modern cultural and economic zeitgeist to fight for justice against those who wish to restrict and confine the rights promised to us by the Constitution.


Forrest's photography hung in a Southtown art gallery featured in Fotoseptiembre™ and he enjoys playing guitar. He admires attorneys like William Kunstler and Clarence Darrow who worked for and with the ACLU to accomplish not only changes in the common law, but also participated in policy advocacy outside of a court room. He enjoys reading, researching, and discussing the nature of justice and the role of lawyers in achieving it.


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