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You've been wrongfully accused of something and don't know where to turn.

Being falsely accused can be a terrifying experience. You may feel like you're alone and have no idea where to turn for help.

Forrest Good PLLC is here to help. As an experienced civil litigator, I will fight tirelessly on your behalf to get the justice you deserve. I have an office in San Antonio, Texas and serve clients in Bexar County and beyond. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Civil litigation is a broad scope term to describe adversarial cases other than criminal ones. Parties will generally seek damages from each other. These cases can include a wide variety of topics, such as contract disputes in business transactions or even personal injury cases after a car accident.

A civil litigation attorney will provide a wide array of services in preparation of trial. While only about 5% of cases go to trial, an attorney will proceed with a case as if it will be taken to trial to improve the position of their client. The end result could end in mediation or negotiation of a settlement, or possibly going to trial. The decision to do so should be discussed thoroughly with your attorney.

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Text Forrest Good PLLC today at (512)402-3370 to learn about your Civil Litigation options. Forrest Good PLLC works in San Antonio, Texas USA and serves every county in Texas, including yours.

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What is CIVIL LAW?

1. In the modern Western world, it is one of the two major legal systems; the other is common law. Taken from Roman law, it is used in continental Europe, their former colonies, Isle of Man, Latin America, Scotland, state of Louisiana in the US federation, and in Canada’s Quebec province. In this system, the law is a highly structured and rigid code of rules observed to the letter. An expert judge decides cases without the help of jury and without any reference to precedent. In this system, every defendant in a criminal trial is presumed guilty until proven innocent. Under common law, practiced in most English-speaking countries, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. 2. As Private law that contrasts to administrative lawcriminal lawecclesiastical law, and military law, and deals with relationships among individuals.

What is TRIAL?


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