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Taylor Angel

Rooted in his desire to bring justice to all, Taylor Angel stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking a legal champion. Taylor attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business in addition to eventually earning his law degree from St. Mary's University School of Law. It was there that he volunteered for the Wrongful Conviction Review Project and the ID Recovery Program; an early example of his mission to help those who cannot help themselves.

With his vast legal knowledge and tenacious attitude, Taylor Angel has gone on to tremendous success in the courtroom. He served as a General Attorney for the U.S. Small Business Administration after graduation, helping businesses securely recover from losses due to COVID-19. Subsequently, he worked as a Personal Injury Attorney at Thomas J. Henry Law, aiding individuals wounded in accidents gain financial security within the grasp of their rights according to the law.

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“I beg to dream and differ from the hollow lies."

— Green Day

Professional Background

Taylor Angel is an experienced attorney with client-focused legal experience.

He graduated from St. May’s University School of Law and has since gone on to become a sought-after thought leader in the areas of business and personal injury law. He has worked on a variety of high-stakes cases, providing complex legal advice tailored to his clients’ specific needs. His areas of practice include Personal Injury, Business Law contract negotiation and drafting, Wills and Estate Planning, and other transactional matters. He also provides counsel on compliance issues that are relevant for many businesses and organizations. Additionally, he is well-versed in labor and employment law as well as intellectual property rights laws.

Highly skilled at taking on challenging cases

Profoundly competent analyzing intricate legal issues

Exceptionally knowledgeable implementing creative solutions for his clients

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Taylor has successfully worked with startups, corporations, government entities, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and more during his time as an attorney. He is committed to helping his clients succeed both legally and financially by providing them with sound advice personalized to their unique situation.

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When he isn't fighting for justice inside and outside the courtrooms of Bexar County, Taylor enjoys spending time with his wife Callie and their beloved dogs Sparta, Laika, and Jackson - all while venturing into nature for outdoor recreation at local city and state parks. As one can see, Taylor Angel is not only well-read but also possesses unrivaled empathy that makes him truly an exemplary attorney whom you can trust will stand in your corner.


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

Commercial Disputes | Entertainment | Personal Injury


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

Trademark | Copyright | Contract Negotiation


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

Contracts | Incorporation | Business Transactions


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

Prenuptial Agreements | Divorce | Custody


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

DWI/DUI | Drug Possession | Assault and Battery


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

Vehicle Accidents | Negligence | Slip and Fall


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

Civil Rights | Workers Compensation | Labor Relations


Litigation • Mediation • Negotiation

Wills | Trusts | Intestacy

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Here to Help

Taylor Angel is a remarkable attorney with unparalleled knowledge and skill in the legal field. Call Taylor today to schedule your Free 30-Minute Legal Consultation.

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We're located in the Historic Wong's Grocery Building on the 2nd Floor at 1502 South Flores Street in San Antonio, Texas 78204.

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