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Forrest Good PLLC assists you through the process of creating business contracts and filing legal documentation.

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From commercial music licensing to the legalities involved in eCommerce of graphic art design, Forrest Good PLLC's staff does the work for you.

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Texas Media Law with Forrest Good, Attorney at Law

Forrest Good PLLC offers legal services representing digital content creators including graphic designers, writers, animators, coders, social media campaign launchers, music producers, video editors, audio engineers, journalists, advertising agencies, film directors, and marketing firms.

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Journalists, Copywriters, and Book Publishers

Forrest Good PLLC protects your authored words, works, and images when published in digital and print newspapers, magazines, academic and industry-specific trade journals, fiction and non-fiction eBooks, streamed video, or podcasts online.  Schedule a Free 30-Minute Legal Consultation to discuss your case.

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Record Labels, Music Publishers, and Venues

Music creators copyright, record, and publish songs to digitally distribute via streaming, podcast, and video platforms often with a management team. During pre-production there are legal contracts to consider, including licensing for social media marketing and live-streamed performances.

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Video Games, Video Streaming, and Video Film

When the project unites writers, actors, directors, and producers for your script to come to life, Forrest Good PLLC is there to represent you through each phase of contract negotiations, small business litigation, and digital distribution licensing agreements. Forrest Good PLLC serves clients working in Texas, USA.

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Forrest Good PLLC is your digital media law resource in Texas for radio, television, and film-related industries including journalism, music, video games, & streaming. Click to schedule your Free 30-Minute Legal Consultation through The Law Office of Forrest Good, Attorney at Law.

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Forrest Good PLLC uses the latest encrypted communication technologies for your privacy and confidentiality whether you are in the studio or on the road for property lease agreements and Power of Attorney forms.


Forrest Good PLLC works with creatives to help establish and maintain legal agreements to protect and share their works and to deal with personal legal matters including estate planning.


Forrest Good PLLC serves the arts industries by representing artists in and out of the studio in Civil, Commercial, Employment, Criminal Defense, and Estate Planning practice areas.

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